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Hello, my name is Charles Phillip White and I am the Webmaster for this page.  The walk has changed the lives of many people.  The universe is different now for many of us involved with the walk.  Currently we have over 700 new photographs, and several hours of audio tape from the road and from Sacramento.  During the last several weeks I have been trying to organize this information for this webpage.  It will take me a bit longer, so in the mean time please "bear" with me.  I will create a new update page so you can see what changes have taken place.  Thank you.

Dear Relatives,

On August 22nd, 1998, at 9:40 A.M. the California Indian People from our many communities began a journey on the Red Road of California, PCH Highway 1, from the Pala Indian Reservation to the City of Sacramento, the State's Capitol.  We arrived at 12:00 Noon September, 1998 after 26 days and 768 miles.  When the walkers arrived, another 3 days were held at Capitol Park to discuss Unification and Sovereignty.

The purpose of our Prayer Walk (spiritual) was to establish a beginning for the Unification of our Tribal Nations.  We hold the vision of an "United Tribal Nations", and walked to Save Our Sovereignty!  It became known as the SOS Walk.

Photo: From Pala Indian Reservation to the State Capitol.  The walkers arrive (at bottom of the picture) carry the staffs and banner to Capitol Park.    See the photo pages

Although the journey to Sacramento is over, the walk continues now with each of us as the process of Unification continues this very day.  In our prayer, we asked for two things. We asked that the Tribal Nations offer a time and a place for the discussion of Unification.  Our prayer has been answered.  A meeting of the Representatives of the Tribal Nations is called for the Spring of 1999.  The meeting will be held at Tule Indian Reservation and the actual date and format of the meeting will be announced.  This page documents the walk.  A new page will be created for the Unification.

Special Note for the Mother Earth Intertribal Council concerning the lodges






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As webmaster, and hobby journalist, this section provides a "third-person" view of the people and events concerning the walk. I am not a California Indian. I was born in California but that does not make me a 'native Californian' in the context of the Californian Indian Peoples. I am honored to be asked by the Committe for The Walk, to provide this service.

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