Address to the Walkers
Cubby Lovato

Robertjohn and Cubby Lovato carry the Unification Staffs down Hwy 76 to San Luis Rey Mission.  Cubby's talk preceeded this "artistic vision" photo.

Permission was granted by Cubby Lovato for me to tape his address.  It is important to note that the written word can not convey the meaning, feelings, and inflection that the oral tradition conveys.  The words here were transcribed from audio tape, any errors in translation are mine alone.
-Charles P. White

Cubby Lovato, "We are not the only ones that are going to be walking.  All those that walked before us will be walking today.

Some of them that walk, gave their life for their people.  All I ask is that everyone be taken care of in a good way as they walk down this road.  Keep away the negative, you are going to need that, those people coming down the road hollering at you.

We have every right to be on this land. We have every right to be on those roads.  We are walking on our ancestral grounds.  They can't say we are trespassing.  If there is any trespassing that is done, it is those that came here.

You walk for yourself.

You walk for your family.

You walk for your people, but most of all you walk for all those ancestors that came before us.

Try to keep your minds clear.  Don't find the "bad" as you walk down those roads.

Remember you have a helper there to help you all the way along.  People will be calling you, calling you out

Remember this is from your heart.  Just down those roads somebodies going to be hollering things that will get to you, don't let them get to you though.

Remember what you are walking for.


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