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Painting: "Chumash Ways" by Mitchell E. Robles
 Used with permission

California Indians

To: All Indian Nations, All Indian Organizations, All Indian Groups, All Indian Centers, All Indian Colleges, and  All Indian Schools

Dear Relatives,

On August 22nd the California Indian People of our many Communities are gathering at Pala Indian Reservation to begin the first Steps of a Prayerful Journey for Unification of our Native California People. We the California Indians, who were one of the first to feel the assault upon our Sovereignty as a Free People over 500 years ago, are Walking for our right as a People to be Native Peoples, free of outside restraint, conditions, or imposed cultural genocide.

This Walk begins on August 22, 1998, and will continue for 21 days, traveling north up the California coast, and will converge on the Capital Building in Sacramento. Each day we Walk is one day for each Mission, each day a Prayer for all our Ancestors, each day a Prayer for all the atrocities laid upon our People, each day a Prayer for all our Children. This is a Walk, not a protest, but a Prayerful Walk. A Walk of intent: we will pray, we will sing and we will participate in mindful speaking. A Walk of clear "attention": each day is a prayer for the memory of the Missions and our People who built them. Each day a prayer for our new "United Nations of California Tribes".

If it is not possible to begin your participation with us at Pala, then begin your walk from your territories, your communities and with your People of your Nation or organization. Join the local Tribal/Nations, whether they are in the South, the North, the East or the West. Walk with them, lend them your strength and your voice, in song, in prayer. Let our footsteps upon Mother Earth be our Prayer, each Step be the way to our Unification as a Free People. If your local People have not formed yet help them, form with them, and meet us in Pala, or any of the Missions on our route. Be with us in Sacramento, 21 days from our beginning.

The Traditional Bear Dancers of our California Tribal/Nations will be leading this Walk. The Walk will be done in the "Spirit of Our Ancestors" who suffered so that we could live for the day when we would be strong again. We invoke all our relations for help and assistance, for all our Peoples.

This Walk is to Solidify Our Sovereignty. We must become Unified. We can no longer afford to ignore the fact that we are treated as the "forgotten people". We have been isolated voices, unheard. We have been singled out, separated from and pitted against each other long enough. It is now the time to Solidify Our Sovereignty through our Prayers, through our Songs, and through our Words of Action. THIS WALK IS OUR BEGINNING!

It was the First Governor of California who laid a bounty upon the heads of all California Indian Peoples, Men, Women and Children. That thinking in Government is still prevalent, alive and working. There is constant assault upon our Religious Freedoms, a constant harassment of our Indian Inmates, and a constant cutting of Educational, Health and other programs designed for our Indian People. Never has our Sovereignty as a People been under greater attack than under the guise of "helping" and "understanding".

We are a People tied to the Land. We must speak with one voice and become one People. Singularly we will assimilate, for the pressure is great and coming from all directions. United we are alive and well. United we can be heard. With that in mind, We Need Your Support. Your presence and voice will give us strength and solidity. We can not do this alone, only Together.

We know that some of our People will be afraid. We have been taught this fear by the dominant culture. There will be those who will try to separate us even more, for to divide us is to conquer us. Many will think this Peaceful Walk is a threat or a problem. It is not, and we are not. We are a People who know the truth and know that if we do not step up now to stop the cultural and physical Genocide of our People, to stop the assault on our Religious way of Life, then it will fall upon our Children. And it may be too late. It is for that reason that we reiterate here and now: WE ARE NOT A PROTEST! It is too late to protest what has already taken place; we are not in reaction, for to react is to lash out; and we are not striking but Walking. We are Walking for our Children, for our Grandchildren, for our People, for our Elders! We must put aside all that would divide us and join together in Prayer, for this Walk is in Prayer and in Song, with a clear mind and open heart for our lives and our future.

 We ask each Nation, Tribe, each organization, each person to help us as we pass through your communities. Help us with water, food and shelter. Protect us and work with us. In the Spirit of Unity and Sovereignty join with us as One People. Come, join us, Walk with us, Pray with us, and lend us your Voice, your Strength and your Support. The Walk begins August 22nd and ends in Sacramento on September 11th, followed by a four day RALLY. We humbly ask for your help, your participation, your protection and your prayers.


Solidify Our Sovereignty
P.O. Box 3000 #129
Chino, CA 91708

Voice (909) 548-0119
Fax (909) 591-9515

Email Address:

My relations, thank-you for your consideration and your prayers in this most important event. We must not leave this legacy of separateness for our Children to solve!

 Signed: The Committee For the Walk

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