Press Relations

Painting: "Vision Quest" by Mitchell E. Robles
 Used with permission

California Indians

A note for the Press:

On behalf of the California Indians, and the "Solidify Our Sovereignty" Spiritual Walk, thank you for taking the time to "cover" our story.

As a Reporter, or Photographer, you may not be aware of some of our cultural protocols.  Because this is a spiritual walk, we ask that you recognize the sacredness of the walk by following a few simple guidelines.

We ask that Robertjohn be your primary contact on the walk.  There are a thousand human-interest stories here, but the walk is what must stay in the focus.

For more information, including the letters of invitation, mission statement and a planed route map will be kept at our website: HTTP:// There is an interview with Robertjohn. Please feel free to use any of his quotes from the webpages in your story.   Thank you again, drive safe, and good luck with your story.

-Charles P. White

For additional information, contact Gayle Anne Kelly at:

P.O. Box 3000 #129
Chino,  CA  91708
Voice: (909) 548-0119
Fax: (909) 548-9515.