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"We are traveling along the Red Road of California where PCH means 'People of California Heritage' Highway 1", Robertjohn

Note: I want to get this information out as soon as possible so this page is subject to frequent change.

It is important to note, that the actual path can vary greatly due to construction zones, meeting of tribal people, and so on making it an almost impossible task to notify everyone where the walkers will go.  However, I will try to post this general information as soon as I can so you can try to catch up with the walkers.  

There is an Indian saying, "Those that are here, are MEANT to be here."  Good luck finding the walkers and please, JOIN THEM all are invited.  If you do, it is meant to be an it is indeed an uplifting sight to behold.

Noted below: If a site is marked (not confirmed yet) it means that some great people are working on the confirmation, but no definate commitmant has been made by the parties involved.
--Charles P. White

00 Friday 21, August 1998 Gathering and ceremony night at Pala Indian Reservation
01 Saturday 22, August Highway 76 from Pala Indian Reservation (near Pala Mission) to San Luis Rey Mission, Oceanside.
02 Sunday 23, August Through the United States Marine Corps Base Camp Pendalton then to San Juan Capistrano Mission.
03 Monday 24, August PCH North to Huntington Beach (Central Park)
04 Tuesday 25, August PCH North to Cal State University Long Beach & Puvunga
05 Wednesday 26, August PCH North through City of Long Beach to Loyola Marymount near LAX on campus grounds
06 Thursday 27, August PCH North to Rio Carrillo State Beach
07 Friday 28, August PCH North to San Buena Ventura State Beach (no confirmation yet)
08 Saturday 29, August PCH North to Cabrillo State Beach (no confirmation yet)
09 Sunday 30, August PCH North to Highway 154 to Cachuma Lake County Park (confirmed)
10 Monday 31, August Highway 154 North to Hwy 246 North to River Park in Lompoc (confirmed)
11 Tuesday 1, September Highway 246 west to Hwy 1 North to Santa Maria Waller Park (confirmed)
12 Wednesday 2, September Highway 166 West to Hwy 1 North to Pismo State Beach (no confirmation yet)
13 Thursday 3, September PCH North to San Luis Obisbo Mission (not confermed yet)
14 Friday 4, September PCH North to PCH north to Morrow Strand State Beach (not confirmed yet)
15 Saturday 5, September PCH North to San Simeon State Beach (not Confirmed Yet)
16 Sunday 6, Spetember PCH North to Plaskettt Creek State Beach
17 Monday 7, September PCH North to Malera State Park
18 Tuesday 8, September PCH North to Mission San Carlos, Carmel State Beach - Fort Ord
19 Wednesday 9, September Sunset State Beach Park
20 Thursday 10, September Coyote Ranch in Coyote, on Monteray Road
21 Friday 11, September Niles Canyon Road- Sunol Park - Hwy 84 (Freemont area)
22 Saturday 12, September Livermore
23 Sunday 13, September Sherman's Island and Brenan State Park
24 Monday 14, September Hood
25 Tuesday 15, September Hwy 180 North to Sacramento area
26 Wednesday 16, September Day 1 of conferance in Sacramento
27 Thursday 17, September Day 2 of conferance in Sacramento
28 Friday 18, September Day 3 of conferance in Sacramento
29 Saturday 19, September Day 4 of conferance in Sacramento

Again, this route and times can change due to many factors.  Please join the walkers anywhere on the route.

California graphic © Copyright 1998 by Charles P. White (created using Corel 8)

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