James Dominguez provided 5 tipi lodges for our elders and walkers to use in addition to the outdoor nylon tents that were used on the road.  The tipi is not of California heritage or design.  They were however welcomed as they provided comfort, shelter, dressing rooms and privacy for the elders and children from the cold Sacramento nights.  James Dominguez worked hard to bring these for our use, but unfortunately he had another previous commitment for the lodges.  Here is James' message to the Mother Earth Intertribal Council.  -Charles White

I want to thank Mother Earth Intertribal Council (MEIC) for understanding why the (tipi) lodges are not there early Friday.  This effort in Sacramento for our sovereignty is not a gathering of youth but an important activity for all the people of California.  I want to recognize MEIC and Bear Tooth Enterprises for understanding that the lodges were needed for the elders here.  The lodges will arrive a day later.

Thank you again

James Dominguez

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