The Walker's


Painting: "Spirits" by Mitchell E. Robles
 Used with permission

Thank you for joining the California Indians in our walk to Solidify Our Sovereignty.  This is a Prayerful and Sacred Walk for the Original People of California.  It is a Walk for the Sovereignty and Unification of all California Tribal/Nations.  All are invited to join us.

Here is some additional information for you:

Equipment/Supply List for SOS Walk Participants

Clothes & Footwear
1. At least 5 changes of clothes, underwear, and socks and jacket.
2.  Really good walking shoes - 2 pairs + inserts.
3.  A hat.

Camping supplies
1.  Tent, sleeping bag.
2.  Flashlight, batteries.
3.  Container for water, and eating utensils.

Food and Additional Supplies
1. Some food, vitamins,  and money.  At least $5.00-$10.00 for each day.
2.  Towels, personal hygiene supplies, i.e., tooth brush, tooth paste, comb, foot balm and powder, band-aids, aspercream/muscle cream, and any medications (Let us know if you have any serious medical conditions).

Personal and/or Tribal  Items:
1.  Tribal or Organizations Staff or Banners
2.  Drums/Hand Drums/Clappers/Rattles etc.
3.  Traditional Clothes as we walk thru towns or during ceremonies.

*All Walkers are responsible for personal property!
* We have 1 truck that will tow a trailer to carry personal equipment.
* Put name tags on your bags.
* Pack light-only 1 bag & tent/sleeping bag
* We will have coolers for medical supplies.
* There will be water, showers, bar-b-que grills at some of the campsites..

Guidelines for Our Prayerful Walk

This is a Prayerful and Sacred Walk for the Original People of California. It is a Walk for the Sovereignty and Unification of all California Tribal/Nations.





  4. NO PETS

  5. ALL children must be supervised at all times by their parents or guardians

  6. All persons with medical conditions must notify SOS Van/Staff. (Please be responsible for your Health. If you have experience in Medicine let us know as well.)

  7. Obey all local and State traffic laws

  8. All walkers are requested to participate in Sunrise and Evening Prayers.

  9. Walkers will gather each day at the Sun Rise Ceremony.

  10. All walkers will stay in line and follow directions of Security Personal.

  11. This is a prayerful walk, not a walk of confrontation or protest, we will sing, not yell.

  12. Respect and Honoring all people and territories will be shown as we walk.

  13. Leave personal agendas at home or put them into the fire.

A word from Robertjohn

The following was taken from "An interview with Robertjohn" and reprinted here for reference:

What advice would you give for the walkers, the people who are joining us in the walk?

This walk, is a walk, is a walk that is a prayer, and a prayer is that which is a request to the spirit world, and a prayer that has gratitude in it, for a positive response that will be granted. So the prayer the walk must be handled in such a manner as our asking, our offering. Our offering is simply ourselves so that our offering is accepted we must make our offering the best we can… to the spiritual world.

We must prepare ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. That kind of preparation we must leave our stuff at home. Put it in the fire. Get rid of it, but don't bring it with us. If we have emotional baggage, it will hamper us in the walk. It will cripple us. If we have baggage that doesn't belong there then it will bring bitterness. If you have a second agenda, leave it at home, don't come. Clean yourself up.

Come to pray, walk in such a manner that when we're done, you will be a much stronger person. I believe you will know more better who you are, your connection with the Earth, more fruitful. You will probably build relationships and bonding that will never break. I believe all of this stuff is in that kind of way. Not only to bring stuff like change of clothes and those types of things for the outside of us, we must also prepare ourselves on the inside as well.

Do you have anything to say for those that can't join us in the walk, like the elders, or the inmates of California too?

There is nothing more powerful than prayer. I would ask for the inmates to offer their incarceration as a prayer during this time, so that we stay strong, so that there will be no force that will deter us, or injure us, or put our hearts in the ground. That we may keep our hearts high so our prayers are strong. I would ask the elders that can't come, a likewise thing, for they to look back on their lives and be thankful, because we are not doing this for ourselves, but for the generations to come. It is to late for the ones who are already here. This is absolutely done for the next generations.

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