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All Photographs are  Copywrite 1998 by Terri Anne Formico. All Rights Reserved. Captions by Charles P. White.  Tiff images may be used by the press with notification sent to

Day 1 - On the road from Pala on Highway 76 to San Luis Rey Mission. Robertjohn (red shirt) and Cubby Lavato (green shirt far right).

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Dau 1 - Robertjohn (near) and Cubby Lovato (far) carry the Unification Staffs down Hwy 76 to San Luis Rey Mission.

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Gayle Anne Kelley, SOS Coordinator

Her walking never stops, even when the walkers are sleeping Gayle finds the energy to keep things moving.  She is our primary contact for organizing the logistics needed.

P.O. Box 3000 #129
Chino, CA 91708
Voice (909) 548-0119 Daily Status
Fax (909) 591-9515

Costonan Ohlone Rumison (Chino Band) Flag

This is one of the tribal flags (not an SOS flag) traveling with the walkers.  Someday, there may be a place where all 120 California Tribes could fly their flags as the "United Nations of California Tribes."

A documentary film crew is following the walkers, and in a way they are walking (and many times running).  Here, Peter stands on a ridge before the Sunrise.   We are glad they have joined us in our journey.  He and his partner are the "hunters" trying to catch the perfect shot, the perfect story. Everyplace we have gone, permission has been asked to videotape and that permission has been granted in all places.  This is truly "the time".  As Robertjohn said, "We offer ourselves in this way, our images to be taken so that we may be seen. The whole world will be watching us, so we must proceed in a good way."  

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Day 1 - Preparing for the first steps of the walk, Steve Cesina (left) and Charles P. White (right) tie the  flag to a mast.

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