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At the beginning of the walk, a special request was made to all who participate in the walk that they "offer" their image as a way of praying for the California Indian people.  Normally, many Native cultures request that permission to photograph them be obtained before the photo is taken, and we ask that you do the same before "taking" a picture.

This is a walking-prayer in progress, we want those that can not walk, those waiting ahead, and those sending us off, to participate with us.  We are using this Web Internet medium of communication, in this way, so that all California Indian people may participate in unification.  After the arrival in Sacramento, we will be adding many more photographs here.

All Photographs are (C) Copyright 1998 by Solidify Our Sovereignty.  All Rights Reserved.    Tiff images are (and future images will) be made available for the Press.  We ask that the Press simply send a notification of use to

Comments next to the photographs are by this webmaster, Charles P. White.

In this day of global communication, we believe the Internet will help us.

Photographs by: Terri Anne Formico
Terri Anne Formico, is not a California Indian and would like to say that she is honored to be asked by the Committe for The Walk, to take the following photographs.  She walks often and far with the walkers.  

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Video AVI Clips:
All Video Clips are  Copyright 1998 by Terri Anne Formico and Charles Phillip White. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to freely distribute these clips by any means as long as they are without modification.

WARNING: These files are very large.  Recommended only for those with direct Internet connections, not by modem access.

Video day one on the road from Pala. 22 Minutes to download via high speed modem  3,253 Kb (3.2 Mb) of drive space needed.

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