Solidify Our Sovereignty
A prayer walk to Sacramento for the California Indian People

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Early morning of Day 6.

Sometimes we walk, sometimes we walk faster.  The Bear staff is a symbol of Unification and is walked by members of the Bear clan all the way to Sacramento.  

Due to the proper tradition, and ceremonies along the way, it sometimes becomes necessary that the Bear staff be carried by a runner that slows down time.  During this time change, the staff is followed by a van with other runners and they are only allowed to change 8 minutes per prayer time.  The walkers follow, or shuttle ahead to continue walking.

Here Robert carries the Bear Staff along Highway 1, just North of the Leo Carrillo State Beach.  

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Day 7.

Liz, one of the walkers greets the Dolphin people as a small pod of Dolphins are seen swiming down the Coast of California.  The walkers stopped for lunch at Overlook Park in Summerland before continuing to Santa Barbara.

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Day 7.

Even the staff needs to rest.  This is the Unification Staff.  All tribes are asked to attach something to this staff as it makes its way to Sacramento.  You will notice from the pictures that it continues to change, as do the walkers, throughout this journey.

Summerland, California

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Day 7.

Going through Monticeto, almost to Santa Barbara, the drum is carried behind the staffs while songs and prayers are sung.  The beat  of the drum, the heartbeat of the people, helps carry the walkers down the road.

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Day 7.

Robertjohn greets Wonono Rubio, the Vice Chairman of the Coastal Band of the Chumash People, as the walkers arrive in Santa Barbara.

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