Solidify Our Sovereignty
A prayer walk to Sacramento for the California Indian People

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Day 15:

Robertjohn and "Bear" carry the Eagle and Bear Staffs respectively to Sacramento.  Here, after a long hot day from Morrow Bay to San Simeon State Beach, Robertjohn and Bear walk in unison for unification and sovereignty of the California Tribal Nations.

Day 15:

Drinking Water and Diane Napoleone (Sipish), carry the banner that states it simply.  This is a prayerful walk to solidify our sovereignty.

Day 15:

Here, the setting sun greets the walkers into camp.  The sore feet and leg pains that are felt is our way of praying.  As Robertjohn said, "We offer our pain as our prayer for the people, if we complain about our pain, then that is our prayer.  What would you rather offer?"  When the walkers arrive, everyone gathers around to touch the staffs and sing.

Day 15: Basecamp at San Simeon State Beach.
Day 15:

The Bear staff, the symbol of unification continues to change and grow.

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