Solidify Our Sovereignty
A prayer walk to Sacramento for the California Indian People

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All Photographs are  Copyright 1998 by Terri Anne Formico. All Rights Reserved.  Captions by Charles P. White.  Tiff images may be used by the press with notification sent to

With clip board in hand, car keys, and radio, Gary Fourstar gives a "helping hand" to Joe.  Pictured: Bear, Kieth, Joe, Frank (sitting), Gary, (not sure... maybe Diane?) and (don't know at this time.)

(Please write me at if you know the names.)

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Joey, Robertjohn and Bear, arrive at National Forest Plaskett Beach Campground early to take a sunset stroll along the shore.

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Gary and Zeb also enjoy the shores of Plaskett.  The t-shirt Gary is wearing are for sale to raise funds for the Walkers.  They are $20.00 and are available with the walkers and in Sacramento.  Zeb would like to say Hi to all his school mates and he can't wait to tell them all the stories of things he has seen on this Walk.

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